When Fate Calls - Chapter 3

Things seem to settle down!
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Chapter 3

As they reached Jake's studio, everybody settled down on the stiff couches and stools that were scattered in the room and started eating the pizza they had picked up on the way.

"Guys, I have a question!" Said Christie while swallowing the pizza.

"You all had different excuses for not coming to the party, but apparently you were all there in the apartment which makes me wonder that why were you all lying?" Christie shot an eyebrow at her friends who were looking at each other giving, 'you speak first' looks.

"Yeah, you're right Christie, how come I missed that point?" Said Mike nodding his head and giving an appraising look to his sister.

"Umm... actually it was just a coincidence," said Bob.

"Yeah!" Jake said with a sigh, "just a coincidence."

"You know, you look like a fool when you're trying to lie Jake!" Said Chrisite throwing a pillow at him.

"Ok guys, I think we need to break it to the twins," said Samantha suddenly rising up from her stool as if she were ready to make an announcement. "Guys! We were planning a surprise for your birthday this weekend, but since everything has come crashing down so bad, I don't think the surprise will work so ya, there's no point hiding it from you guys."

Mike and Christie looked at each other in silence for a while and then stood up and called for a group hug.

"Guys! you know that our friendship is the biggest gift that we have and we don't need anything else!" Said Mike.

"Okay, now you're making me emotional," Bob said faking a sob.

"Yes, but who said we can't have a party now?" Asked Jake raising an eyebrow.

"But Jake, we still have no place to live, where is this party going to be? And to be honest we don't have money to go to a restaurant or something," said Samantha.

"I agree, but I don't think this place is so small that none of us can have a jam? And I have some awesome plans for the party which I'll discuss later on when these two twins are not here," Jake said pointing his fingers at Mike and Christie.

"Oh! So you are telling us that you are gonna surprise us?" Said Mike and everybody broke into a fit of laughter.

The night stretched on and after talking for a while everybody slept on the couch and the floor. The entire day's exhaustion was enough to make them fall asleep even on the rugged floor and couch.


The next morning everybody woke up with a positive attitude and house hunting began.

Mike and Wallace along with Christie were busy searching for a new apartment whereas the rest of them were busy planning for the birthday party which was now only 3 days far.

Samantha took care of the invitations and called up every possible person they knew in school. Jake was busy practicing with his band for a special performance he would throw on their birthday and Bob took care of the food, drinks, and decoration. After all the bad things that have taken place so far they all wanted to move on with a positive attitude.

By 8:00 pm everyone was back in the studio once again and was busy eating.

"Guys, for how long do we have to stay here? Any success with your house hunting?" Asked Jake.

"Well, no not really we went to see 4 different places, but somewhere the rents were too high, others said that they don't rent out to teenagers while others were just too bad that we decided better to stay in this studio than there," said Wallace.

"But we can't stay in here. My neck still hurts from sleeping on that couch last night, I wonder if I'll be getting any sleep tonight!" Said Samantha.

"Well, nobody is comfortable over here, but we have to adjust for a few days and remember even if we find a place we can't just move in till we have paid the advance rent and we will only get our money from the couple when they reach here from Nashville. So we all have to be patient okay?" Mike said looking at Samantha.

"And as far as your neck is concerned, sleep on the floor it's much comfortable and yes, we brought some mattresses and sleeping bags. Hope that helps!"

"Fine!" Samantha said grumpily.


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Published: 12/29/2014
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