When Fate Calls - Chapter 4

Sorry for the late post... a birthday party!
The big day finally arrived and all the teens were really excited for the party. The party was scheduled to begin in the evening. Mike and Chirstie were still unaware of all the arrangements that were made for them. Almost half of their class was invited for the party, Bob had been practicing with his band for a special birthday song.

"Samantha!" Christie tried to stop Samantha who was dragging her towards a salon, "You know, I don't like doing makeup and all."

"Hey... a salon is not meant for makeup only, but there are a lot of cool things to do... cool things that you need, seriously!" Samantha said making a puppy face.

"Well, okay!" Christie agreed and then went inside the salon and got into the chair for a good hair spa and haircut.

On the other hand, Jake and Wallace accompanied Mike and took him to a hairstylist and then later on they went shopping.

The entire group met at the parking lot in the evening. Mike and Christie were surprised to see each other looking extremely good in matching colors!

"Oh my god Christie... I didn't know, I had such a beautiful sister! " Mike exclaimed.

"And I didn't know I had such a handsome brother either," Christie replied pulling him into a hug.

"Okay guys, if you're done with mutual appraisals, shall we move in because the big surprise is still waiting for you."

"Big surprise... guys I really think all the good treatment was enough... you didn't need to know."

"Wait... wait... wait..." Wallace said cutting Mike off. "Now don't act so sloppy okay! The party has just begun, so let's get in c'mon."

Mike and Christie held each other's hand and followed the rest of the group into the apartment. Samantha asked them to close their eyes as she started to open the door. Mike and Christie took a deep breath. As soon as they stepped inside, the apartment everybody started singing the classic happy birthday song.

"Oh my god...!" Mike and Chrisite said in synchronized way.

All their friends came one by one and hugged them giving their greetings and gifts.

"Oh my god, this is crazy!" Said Mike.

"Okay everyone... let me have your attention please," said Bob as he stood on a small platform along with his band with mic in his hand, "as you all know, today is the day when these two twins came into life to disturb us all, so we have gathered here to celebrate this occasion. Can I hear you all give a loud cheer!"

"Yeah!" Everybody cried out.

"Okay, so we've been working really hard to make this day perfect for them because today they're turning 18 and it's a really special day for them. So I have this really special song... custom-made for them that I would like to perform in front of you all..."

Wallace turned off the lights and a disco ball that hung from the ceiling started glowing and special lights started glowing which acted as a spotlight for the band and the twins.

The band started playing the instruments with Bob at the vocals and they played a beautiful song for the twins which moved Chrisitie to tears. As the song ended, everybody was stunned and Christie was literally sobbing while Mike had a gentle smile on his face. Bob came down from the platform and pulled them into a tight hug.

"Hey... I didn't mean to make you cry," he said.

"Stupid... these are tears of joy," said Christie.

"Yes man! That was awesome and guys..." Mike called Wallace, Samantha, and Jake. "And you guys... thank you!"

"Okay... now let's stop acting like you're 80.. let's have some fun," said Jake.

"Yes... let me go and turn the music on and let's dance!" Said Wallace and the entire crowd started cheering as the song played on.


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Published: 1/27/2015
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