When Fate Calls - Chapter 5

Birthday with a twist!
Time to Make a Guess!

I'll be leaving most of my chapters on a cliffhanger, so here's where all my readers get to put their best foot forward and make a guess about what happens next... so it starts now. At the end of this chapter, post your guess in the comment section.


Chapter 5

"Hey Jake..." Wallace dragged Jake out of the party crowd and took him out in the balcony to talk.

"What's the matter dude?" Jake asked angrily.
"You were supposed to get the cake!"
"I know!"
"Then where is it? It's almost time to cut the cake before the party gets dull and the people start leaving."
"Relax man. The party has just started and I have arranged for a delivery, they must be on their way."
"Dude, am telling you if the cake doesn't get here on time only you are to be blamed."

Wallace snapped at him and went back in.

Jake got a bit angry with the way Wallace talked to him, but then he knew this was all because he wanted this party to go well. Jake took a deep breath and called the bakery.

"Hello, this is Jake Mathews. " ...." Seriously??" ...."But the cake hasn't been received... but-" and the line went dead.

"What the heck is this?" Jake cursed the air.

Bob who was watching Jake talking nervously on the phone entered the balcony and asked him what was wrong.

"Man , I called that cake shop and they're saying that they've delivered the cake half an hour ago and they've received my sign as well," Jake said frantically.

"But how could this be possible... maybe they are lying. You know just to take the money?"

"But the payment is cleared by someone who took the cake and signed himself as ME."

"What? I guess someone's trying to pull a joke on you or something. "

"I don't know--" and then Jake's cell phone rang. "Let me get this."

"What?" Bob asked.

"Well...the cake's here! "
"Phew!" Bob let out a sigh of relief.

"They said there was some miscommunication. Ok, now let me go and get it."

"Do one thing. You go and tell Wallace that the cake is here while I'll go out and get it."

"No Bob. I can pay for it if that's why you're saying it."

"Of course you can, but not today!" Bob said with a smile.

"You know what? You're the best buddy I could have had... like ever!" Jake said with a big smile and pulled Bob into a hug.

"Okay... now let me go before the cake melts!"

"Oh yeah, before it 'melts'."


Half an Hour Later...

"Jake!" Wallace pulled him out again.

"Now what's wrong?" Jake asked making a face.

"Where's the cake?"

"I told you Bob has gone to take it."

"But half an hour has already passed since you told me that."

"Where's Bob?"

"I couldn't find him in here."

"What do you mean?"

"What do you mean what I mean? YOU said that he had gone to get the cake!"

"Ok...give him a call."

Wallace dialed Bob's number which finally ended with a no response message, "He's not picking it up."

"Ok you keep calling. I'll go out and check okay?"


Jake went outside, but there was no around. He went to check the parking lot, but still he couldn't find him, then he checked the road assuming that may be Bob would have gone out to give directions or something but still he couldn't find him.

"Where the hell you are man?" Jake said in a tensed note. Then he called Wallace to ask him if Bob had replied, but even Wallace didn't pick up the call.

"No, what's wrong with him?" Jake stamped his foot on the road. Panic was taking control over him.


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Published: 2/6/2015
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