When Hope is Lost...

Pondering on how hopelessness can be hopefulness personified.
Hope is almost always,
A companion of a good heart.
A heart that pours in seamlessly,
And where reasoning is set free.

That seems to know the equation
Between action and reaction.
Brimmed with patience, where
You still believe that truth always wins.

Who says hopelessness is hopeless!
Hopelessness is hopefulness in disguise...
Hopefulness for the unexpected,
Readiness to accept all that comes one's way,
Expecting to take over the worst.

The best part about hopelessness is
When it comes...
There are no strings attached,
It comes splashing in the face.

TO remind you about the practical
Difference, between truth and reality.

Teaching you a lesson
That you got to keep learning
Each step, every moment.

Dreams would be "simply" imaginations,
As most of them always are!
That aspirations, emotions
And the "very" hope
That are ALL invisible entities,
Cannot choose to have visible repercussions.

And that brains would create
Far more ripples and always win
Over heart and soul...

When hope is lost
Everything is lost
So, then there is nothing precious
To lose thereafter...

Rendering an empty heart,
With no fluttering.
And a soulless soul,
With no life.

Just for the sequence of destined events.
To re-occur time and again...
With no hope or perhaps a 'new' hope!
By Dr. Maisie M
Published: 11/13/2009
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