When I Rest The Mortal Me

Life is a journey that leaves you tapping on many an inn door. Having rested well, I yearn to take the home-stretch with the right understanding and a selfless attitude...
When I leave for yonder shore
Much like the great Banyan tree
Wish I could be remembered more
For giving new life from every part of me.

When I leave to rest the stooped reed
Much like a burning incense stick red
Wish I could be remembered in deed
For having burned to fragrance spread.

When I leave to rest within a new womb
Renewed like a lamp, all shiny and new
Wish I could be remembered at the tomb
For having lit the alley for at least a few.

The journey is the same for all
In the hope of a morrow wake
I must earn a pew and never fall
And live for renewal's sake.

I hope that when the clouds bear
The glory of time to rest a while
I am able to reach out and share
And walk with you that extra mile.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 3/20/2009
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