When I Say I Need You for a Few Minutes

Life is a book that contains lot of chapters in it. If one of the chapters is bad, just leave that page and go to the next page that is waiting for you... Be positive.
When I say I need you for a few minutes,
You leave off your work and talk till I go to sleep,
You turn my sadness into a laughter, even if,
I'm just feeling lonely that time.

When I say I am missing you,
You rush to me,
To see what happened to me, even if,
I just want to hear your lovely voice.

Gone are those days, now you left me aloof,
You neither reply to my messages nor receive my calls,
I know you will be never back, even if you know,
I might spend several sleepless nights thinking about you.

When I say I need you for a few minutes,
To tell how much I am alone without you,
Every day I try to recover myself from the fact, even if,
I know my life is meaningless without you.
Published: 9/7/2013
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