When Love Arrives

Pending to be in love.
When love arrives...
I will embrace it just as the father felt
When his son came back from being lost and defeated
I will stand in awe just as a mother hears her child voice "mama" for the first time
It should not fear embracing me,
As I await open-armed for it.

When love arrives...
I will love it,
I endeavour to hold and heal it through sickness and health,
I sought to place my heart on the finest gold bar and offer it to it,
Everyday will be my mission to place happiness,
And whatever sorrow may trickle down the window pane,
I will wipe it with faith
The faith that kept me waiting,
The faith that lead me to know that it,
Love, is out there looking for me,
The faith that grew a trust so strong,
That nothing can paint doubt on the canvas of my forever-spiralling-mind.

I do
I do want to twiddle my thumbs in the waiting room of life,
God knows that my patience is not my best attribute.
But I work on it,
Because I see the ER rushing in broken hearts,
From pre-determined-diminished relationships
All need the ICU because I See You not pulling through,
I've been rushed in a couple of times before.
And do not want to know more...

So when love arrives,
I will be steadying on the corner of my eyes,
Waiting for your surprise,
And tell me,
That You are here.
Published: 6/28/2012
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