When Love Becomes a Challenge

How far can you go when reality is hard. Will you still be on the same page with me?
When love feels right, but the place feels wrong,
Will you wait for me until the placing is right?
Will you put your heart on hold and take it slow with me?

When feeling can't be hidden by the wall,
Will you act normal with me?
Will you make things look less awkward between us?

When the rules despised falling for your teammate,
Will you take your time and make me safe for the min time?
Will you love me carefully and in full as we figure the way?

When feelings are real and love is overwhelming,
Will you be patient and take it slow with me?
Will you not define our love basing on sex?

When telling the truth is hard, scary and confusing?
Will you be honest with me?
Will you reason with me and help me understand?
Published: 7/29/2016
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