When Our Love Went Sour

Now my heart is so alone, so is everything I held dear.
Crouching all alone in the cold,
With no one dear to hold,
I spend the evenings thinking all alone,
For whom my heart loved most is long gone.

Sometimes those sweet memories hurt too much,
The only place I find solace is at the neighborhood’s old church,
Where old Sr. Mary sits all day reciting the Holy Rosary,
I long for hope at least in a ray.

I find it hard to believe,
That in leaving me he found relief,
Gazing at the golden streaks of the sun,
I pray to the gods to again make us one.

My pain is immense,
My sorrows too dense,
In another woman’s hands he’s found peace.
And my heart is all and pieces.
Published: 5/30/2015
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