When will I Get Married?

Are you a male reader, or a female? Either ways, if you are above the age of 25 (and so are your friends), you have definitely heard, at least, one of your female friends rant about her final desire in life to be married! How often have you asked yourself, "when will I get married?" Well, no introductions here, read this article to know!
Be it Charlotte York (from the hit TV sitcom "Sex And The City") or Monica Gellar (from the hit comedy series "F.R.I.E.N.D.S"), women have a need to know when they will be getting married. When courtship and relationships are a way of life for men, for women it is a search, a treasure hunt for the perfect companion. As a reader, if you are one of such people, sweetheart I know what you are going through, and I am here to help you out. No, I am not going to make any predictions here, nor am I a seer. I am just an ordinary girl, out to help others of her kind to find out when they will get married.

There are several "when will I get married quizzes" on the Internet. But truly, do you think that you can let the fate of the rest of your life rest on such feeble, Artificial Intelligence generated, quizzes? Well, if you think you can, think again. I came across a "how old will I be when I get married quiz" on the Internet, and the result was (I am not going to reveal my age here) a year younger than my current age. How silly, so technically, I should have been happily married for a year by now? Well my dear reader, don't fall for such silly traps online. There are frauds other than on the Internet as well. My friend believes very highly of astrology. She got her horoscope checked, and, well, let's just say, the answer made her drop the belief like a hot potato. So, don't fall for all this.

Do you really want to know when you will get married? The answer is very simple, and one that, I am sure, your mother must have also given you. You will get married when the time is right and when you are ready. Let's face it, how many of your passed relationships ended because it was "going too fast" or because "its complicated"? Bottom line, my dear, you were, simply, not ready for marriage then.

Well, then let's answer that question. Let us list down a few points in your life and in your relationship (because you have to be in a relationship if you are thinking of marriage) that would hint at your marriage- readiness.
  • Point # 1: You are ready for marriage when you can find the time and inclination, in you, to actively do something for someone else, other than your self.
  • Point # 2: You are ready for marriage when you stop pretending and assuming that a marriage is the ultimate romantic gesture and accept that it comes with its set of marital problems.
  • Point # 3: This is the last point, but not the least. You will be ready for marriage, when you can feel it in the depths of your heart. Not because you really want it, but because you can't seem to not want it, and nothing can make you change your decision.
Well, I know that these points are clich├ęd and sound like they just came out of a woman's love novel, but my dear, it is true. Be it affirmations, or progressions, bottom line, nothing other than your heart can announce your desire to take those wedding vows, more honestly. More so, your mind, would most probably deceive you, so beware!

I hope by now you, dear reader, have started to have more faith in your fate. You need to trust the fact that you will not only find love, but also get to spend the rest of your life with him. The best things in life are found when you least expect it. So, chill out and enjoy as of now, for soon, you may get married (really soon, I hope!). More so, always take life with a pinch of salt, each failed relationship has a lesson in store for you, learn it and move on. Stop going over the question of marriage (in your mind), and go out and live your single life to the fullest. This is where I sign off!! Take care!
By Rashida Khilawala
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