When Will You Admit?

A poem of love.
We say all that lovers say,
We share smiles that are unique to lovers,
And we stick to it all through,
No observer can say otherwise,
They'll call it love which is true,
A truth that you don't admit.

Everything says it, every part of you,
Every friend of you,
Every sisters of you,
Every action done by you,
Only one waiting, that's you,
It is the truth, but you don't admit.

It will be like freeing yourself,
To stop denying yourself,
By acknowledging what goes on within you,
It will be a pleasure, to get it from your pretty lips,
It will be a great joy a great honor to know what you feel,
Because it will be the truth, the truth that you don't admit.

I'm waiting to receive the words,
Very less words I need,
But you give me very many words that I get confused...
And you end up not saying it,
Not even hinting at it,
And I can see you running to me one day,
Looking at me right in the eye,
And saying the words that will come from your heart,
Because deep down I know you love me,
But when will you admit?
Did you like the poem?
A little bit.
Published: 9/22/2014
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