Where Does Your Strength Lie?

Low points in our lives force us down the road of self-reflection.
When everything's going wrong,
When you are faced with questions you weren't prepared for,
When the source you trusted breaks down,
When time seems to fly in a blur, leaving you with many unfinished work,
When it feels like the universe has a grudge against you....

What do you do?

When the people you turn to, to reassure you, point the finger at you,
When your prayers remain unanswered,
When you find yourself with more problems than solutions,
When you feel all alone....

Where do you go?

When your attempts at remaining strong fails,
When you start crying for no reason at all,
When you fear that tomorrow might be worse than today,
When your dreams seem even further away....

Who will comfort you?
Published: 11/6/2014
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