Where My Gallows Wait

A story of remorseful revenge.
Stuck inside these four walls and I can't see no way out,
Time to reflect on my memories, to see what my life was about,
I done some good, I done some bad, I done some things that shamed,
But still I stand up tall and proud as the judge, he calls my name.

My last request was a pencil and a little plain paged book,
So I could write down my memoirs, leave them for you to peruse,
I'll leave my story to be pondered and you can judge for yourselves,
Too late to bring me redemption, at dawn they send me to Hell.

The hangman's noose awaits me for the misery I have caused,
I killed a man in a drunken brawl, for he was breaking my balls,
He held my girl in his arms and he kissed her while I watched,
He laughed at his own seduction, left me feeling debauched.

Now this girl, she was a beauty and I sold to her my heart,
For a single silver dollar and a blue china silk scarf,
She swore she'd love me forever and never would she leave,
But the Devil took that woman and laid my love in the grave.

I took to drinking, hard liquor to ease my broken heart,
This dandy of the saloon bar, well he held all the cards,
He had the power, he had the looks, seems he had my woman too,
He wore the regalia of vanity from his hat down to his shoes.

I bore my grudge in a whisky glass, it boiled through my veins,
Infused within my angry fury that fueled the flame of rage,
It burned its way through my body, it burned my soul black,
As I sunk deeper into my madness, there was no turning back.

The hunger lust for sweet revenge determined my own fate,
To cut him down in the prime of life and deal to her my spite,
To beat and bruise their alliance, bring them to the ground,
Breaking up their defiance and hurt her deep and profound.

I polished up my pistol and loaded it with shells,
I went down to the saloon, took aim and let loose hell,
Flame flew from the barrel to leave a plume of smoke,
He lay there in a pool of blood as I laughed at my own joke.

Funny how a deep remorse can bring a man to his knees,
My sweet revenge accomplished not, save pain and misery,
With sad regret, I bowed my head and cried the tears of shame,
For even though I won the fight, I did not win back his gain.

Forgive me Lord, the deeds I've done, I've sinned the darkest sin,
I took the life of another, now my soul is deeply stained
Outside they build my gallows, guess it's an eye for an eye,
Now I sit here in my reflection awaiting my turn to die.

By now you'll have read my story and I'll be in the cold grave,
I don't ask for your sympathy, like I never asked to be saved,
I'll meet my maker tall and proud and look him in the eye,
I'll face whatever comes for me when I reach the other side.

If you should see the widow who mourns the dandy's death,
Won't you tell her that I'm sorry for stealing his last breath,
More than that, I cannot add, it's not for me to tempt fate,
So I'll sign off now and walk the path to where my gallows wait.
Published: 8/24/2011
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