Where You Are..

For the woman who gave birth to me. Where ever in the world she is.
Does it hurt more now?
Did you feel anything when you left?
I always wonder if your youngest daughters hurt more.
It's been a year since I have seen you.
But it's been 6 years since I have had a mom.

I remember when fun was flicking your ashes off your cigarette.
When you were "just babysitting" for your daily sex.
Hatred was vegetables, until it was you.
Pain was being hit, until it was your lack of showing up.
At least be reasonable and don't come back and act like it's okay.

Be normal when people leave and 'Leave For Good'.
You claim you love us, you don't even remember me.
You SAY you need us, yes, you need our money.
Don't blame your family, if anything I blame you.
You can't keep your legs closed and you had 5 girls you can't take care of.

6 life's are affected, more if you count the ones that are left to pick up the pieces.
You hurt my father, even if he hates us, he didn't leave us.
It takes 2 to tango, but it takes 1 to destroy lives.
I hope you're having fun, wherever you are in the world.
I'm sure someone will hear about it in a few months.

You're not even worth this poem, not worth being called a slut.
Not worth our tears, our stress. Our love.
The scars you created are worth more than this.
I forgive you, for being a bad mom. But I will never forget what you've done.
Goodnight, Mom.
Be normal, and leave.
Thoughts, like always?
Published: 6/6/2011
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