Which is Better - Limewire or Frostwire?

One would want to know which is better between Limewire and Frostwire before they download files. Find some answers related to what's better, Limewire or Frostwire, and overcome the confusion related to these two peer-to-peer file sharing programs.
As a regular user, one will be able to make out the basic difference between Limewire and Frostwire. These are both peer-to-peer file sharing programs that use the same network and have the same code. Limewire was released as an open source file sharing network in May 2000. The Gnutella network was used by this newly released software. The Gnutella Network and Limewire gained immense popularity among Internet users, due to the untimely death of Napster. Since, its initiation, Limewire has developed many features, versions, better security and has considerably improved its performance.

After about 4 years, that is, in 2004, Frostwire was developed by members from the Limewire open source community. The birth of Frostwire came about during the time, when a 'block code' was added by the Limewire distributor. This 'block code' blocked all licensed files as they were under immense pressure from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The new software of Frostwire was made available to users in October 2005 and since then, it too has undergone many changes.

Comparing Limewire and Frostwire
As you can see, both these software are more or less similar to each other. This creates a dilemma for users. The following paragraphs will cover information that will help you learn the difference between the two.

Limewire is a free peer-to-peer file sharing program that has a Java based platform. It uses the Gnutella network for location of files and sharing of files. Limewire charges a fee from its users to gain access into Limewire PRO.

In case of Frostwire, it is also a peer to peer connection setup for file sharing that is a Java based program. It too uses Gnutella network and BitTorent protocols. It was released under GNU General Public License and is a free software. These similarities may have further confused you and made you wonder even harders to which is better. Let us dive even deeper and understand which is better Limewire or Frostwire, despite the similarities.

Which One is Better
Limewire is available in two versions, free and paid as mentioned above. The paid Pro version is better than the free version. The free version is full of ads as these ads are their source of income. In case of Frostwire, it is a totally free version and is ad-free. This is because it does not need to make money.

Coming to features, Frostwire has more features as compared to the free version of Limewire. Both software use ultrapeers, that is a node on the network. More the nodes in the network, better is the search and downloading on a site. There are only 3 ultrapeers in case of free Limewire and 5 in the paid version of Limewire. The 5 ultrapeers of paid version are matched by Frostwire. This makes Frostwire a tad faster than free Limewire. However, reports show there are fewer search results available with Frostwire as compared to Limewire.

Limewire offers modes of communication between peers but lags behind Limewire in this case. This is because, Frostwire has a community chat feature that allows peers to speak with one another. When it comes to looks, both are more or less the same. Limewire has a green and white color scheme, and Frostwire has blue and white. There are more tabs on Limewire as compared to Frostwire and both follow the basic structure. The download speed of Frostwire is better than Limewire as it is the later version and is bound to have better performance levels.

Limewire and Frostwire have the same functions but Limewire comes in two versions, free and paid. Frostwire is a free version and is totally ad free as compared to Limewire. Limewire lacks the chat feature of Frostwire and some features that are available on the paid version. And lastly, Frostwire is comparatively faster than Limewire but gives fewer search results.
By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: 10/3/2011
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