Who am I? Who are We?

A reflective piece.
Writing about myself is the hardest thing,
I don't know who I am, or what's within.
Sometimes, I feel like an empty shell,
An empathetic soul that wishes you well.
Sometimes, I am the thing I despise,
A bitter monster wishing for your demise.
Sometimes, I am a regretful being,
One that cries for who I am becoming.
Sometimes, I think too deeply at night,
Thoughts that shake me up in fright,
Everyday I seek to ignore my reality,
I hide away in my world of insanity.

It is a world that is slowly fading away,
Leaving me wondering, who I am today.
Without my dream-world, I am left here,
In a world that is big, confusing, and unclear,
A world where truth is determined by ear,
A world where racism still perseveres,
A world that is shaped by our media,
That indoctrinates our youth for years.
A world where people pay the price,
For loving someone who we criticize,
A world where the leaders we trust,
Stand by to watch metal turn to rust.

We are robots, we are free thinkers,
We are fighters, and we are lovers,
We are divided, yet we are one race,
The human race, falling out of grace.
We are wonderful, we are intelligent,
We are villains, a threat that is present.
We judge others, but who are we?
We are the same, imperfect as can be.
Published: 9/17/2018
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