Who Could Have?

Christ did so much for the undeserving.
The only light in the dark,
It was him, my Jesus,
His life passed to another world,
Time came still as the world shut down.

Life and light was no more,
No dreams of life or direction,
Only darkness, fears, confusion as regrets prevailed.

What have they done?
They thought, they had sent an ordinary man,
To his early grave, only to realize he was no ordinary but a God.

Only the truth will set them free after he rose,
Seventy two hours, they unknowingly waited for,
A new world to unfold.

After three days their lives were restored,
Everything was fresh and a new oracle was formed,
A new life, a new order, and a new world he brought along.

Freedom they received as he traded his life for them to have,
And forever they were free,
Who could have known, death could bring such a beauty,
The peace, the redemption, and eternity, who could have known,
Published: 7/29/2016
Bouquets and Brickbats