Who is Lacey Holloman? Chapter 1

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I wake up to my alarm clock screaming in my ear, knowing this means we are moving today is depressing. I sigh and get out of bed being careful not to step on my elder brother Wesley, who is asleep on the floor. I go to the bathroom, get dressed and fix my hair and makeup, by the time I am done, I realize it's time to wake up my brothers.

"Wesley wake up." I nudge him with my foot.
He mumbles something I can't understand, I reach down and shake his arm, "Wake up, we have to finish packing, Mom wants to be out of here by noon."
"Fine, I'm getting up just stop talking, it's too early for this." He grumbles, sulking and walking towards the bathroom.

I head to the living room where my twin brother is asleep on the couch. I shake him awake and he gives me a sleepy glare, Alex always has been a nice twin even if he has the whole, 'I don't care' act going on.

"Get up Alex." I tell him. He sighs, he hates moving as much as I do.
"Ok but where's Wesley?"
"In the shower. I am going to pack now. You should too, your suitcase is in closet by the door."

I walk back into the bedroom and I look around the room. It's nothing special, white walls that are yellowing and the paint is peeling off them, they have graffiti on them from the house being broke into before we moved in. There is a huge hole in dry wall where Wesley got in a fight with some guy, our mother brought home from the bar.

A twin bed I share with my one-year-old little brother, Danny that is pushed against the wall, so he doesn't roll off in the middle of the night, and a pile of covers on the floor where Wesley sleeps. I walk over to our tiny closet and pull out our suitcases and start putting my clothes in the biggest bag. I hear the bedroom door open as I am putting my last pair of pants in the bag, "Here's your bag Wesley."

I walk over to the broken dresser where Danny's clothes are, I pick him out an outfit and lay it out so I can get him dressed when I wake him up. I put an extra outfit in his babybag, just in case and put the rest with my clothes.

"Are you driving?" Wesley asks.
"No you are, I drove last time and Alex driving isn't an option. I would like to make it there alive."
"Please drive Lacey, please you know I can't drive."
"Can't and won't are two different things Wes."
"Fine." He said pouting, *one hour later* I finish packing everything except Mom's room.

"Lace you know she isn't coming out on her own, someone needs to go get her." Alex says while looking at me in a way that says 'it's you who needs to get her up'. I sigh and walk to the door, I pause trying to listen for any signs she might be up and packing, but hear nothing so I knock on my mom's bedroom door. I hear her mumble something so I open the door and cigarette smoke invades my lungs and the air in my mom's room, the smell of liquor is almost strong enough to taste.

"Mom you need to get up if we are going to leave by noon." I wait a few seconds and try again. "Mom are you aw-"
"Yes I am awake, leave now!" Mom's harsh voice cut through the silent room like a knife. I sigh, turn around and leave my mother's room closing the door behind me.
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Published: 11/28/2012
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