Who is Lacey Holloman? Chapter 2

Ok guys I'm back. Sorry it has been so long but I'm better. Pic is of Lacey. Hope you all enjoy.
"Ok, we need to get a move on before it gets too late." My mom's voice fills the now empty house. "Come on Danny." I pick him up and walk to the car with him, I put him in his seat and buckle him up. We all pile into the overly stuffed car with Wesley in the Driver's seat, Mom in the passenger seat, Alex sitting by the window behind mom's seat and me, as tiny as I am being smashed between Alex and Danny's baby seat. I put my headphones and turn my iPod on, and let My Chemical Romance's music blast into my ear.

*Nine Hours Later*

I get out of the car, stretching. I look around and sigh, at least this apartment looks better than the last. The apartment complex next door has police cars in the driveway and it sounds like they are raiding one of the apartments. I look over at Wesley and his eyes are on the flashing blue lights as we share a look and start unpacking. I lift my baby brother's sleeping form out of his baby seat as carefully as possible so I don't wake him up. I walk up to the door and realize that I can't open the door because of how I am holding Danny. I knock on the door with my foot but after a couple of minutes of listening carefully I realize that the radio is on and they can't hear me. I shift Danny over to one arm, open the door and go up the stairway. I kick the apartment door with my foot, my mom swings the door open cursing "I'm sorry but I couldn't get in the door with Dan-" She slaps me and I lose my balance falling on my butt. The jar wakes Danny and he starts crying.

"Get inside now!" She screams at me making Danny cry even harder. "Get up!" She screams again. I get up and hold Danny close, trying to soothe him back to sleep and it isn't just a couple of minutes and he is asleep again. "Alex, will you please go get his baby seat so I will have somewhere to lay him." He looks at me with concern in his eyes. I nod at him letting him know I am okay, he hates when mom hits me but he can't do anything about it. "Yeah, I will be right back. Thank you." After he leaves the room I let a few tears slide. I hear the bedroom door open behind me so I wipe my eyes and turn around. "Here is his seat." Alex says sitting it on the floor. "Thank you." I whisper laying Danny in his seat putting his blanket on him to keep him warm. "Lacey, get my stuff so I can go to bed, I'm tired!" My mom yells from the living room.

I cringe and look at Danny, he looks so peaceful and innocent. I walk into the living room with Alex trailing behind me, "Okay." I walk outside I can feel the tears running down my face. I can hear the next door neighbors screaming at each other, I hear a gunshot from across the street and feel a searing pain in my shoulder. I see Wesley running out of the apartment, Alex following close behind. Wesley is pale and his eyes are watering, he is screaming and Alex is even worse looking than Wesley, his naturally-pale skin has turned to the color of flour and he is crying and screaming, but I can't hear anything besides a loud buzzing noise but only for a second then all the noise floods into my ears and it is overwhelming. I can hear a mixture of my brothers crying and yelling at me asking if 'I can hear them' and 'Am I okay'. The police sirens, the woman who was across the road screaming is now in the corner of the driveway yelling asking 'Is she dead' over and over again. I hope I wasn't dead, I hope this wasn't what death was. I had hoped it to be peaceful, not loud and unbearable.

Things get darker and my brother starts shaking me, he is trying to keep me awake he keeps saying something about 'So much blood, too much blood'. I wish he would just let me fall asleep. My eyes are almost too heavy to hold open. I can hear a new noise and see flashing lights, it's an ambulance. I look up and catch a glimpse of my mom, she didn't even shed a tear, she didn't even look concerned. I open my mouth and start screaming curse words at her. I catch the look of surprise on a bystander's face, he can't believe I'm speaking to my own mother this way, but I can't even believe I'm speaking to MY mother this way. I see Alex's face and he is giving me a warning look that says 'Shut up'. I close my mouth and lay my head down, all my strength is gone. I look at Wesley, "You have to take care of Danny, he can't take care of himself. Keep him safe Wes." I say before everything goes dark.
Should I continue?
Yes, I like it.
No, I hate it.
I do not care.
Published: 2/8/2013
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