Who is Lacey Holloman? Chapter 4

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"Lacey wake up." I hear and I feel someone shake my leg. I open my eyes and see a smiling Alex, I raise up out of bed and hug him. "I missed you mouse." I smile at his nickname he had given me when I was seven and my front teeth were bigger than the rest and I looked like a mouse. "I missed you too." I tell him.

"So I have a small surprise for you. Are you ready?" He smiles at me and opens the door to my room and I see Wesley and Danny. "Oh my Gosh, he has gotten so big." He had put on a little weight and was taller than before. "Come here Danny." I say and hold my arms out. Wesley sits him on my lap and I hug Danny, I missed him so much it's hard to believe I was out for six months but everyone looks a little different. Wesley's hair has grown out so much that it is just a total mess and he has dark circles under his eyes and Alex is paler than before, and he has a busted lip and dark circles under his eyes, his hair is quite a bit longer than before.

"Alex, what happened to your lip?" He looks down, and at first I think mom hit him and it makes me angry and then he looks at me and says, "I got in a fight with a boy at school." I sigh, "Alex did you get in trouble?" He shake his head, "No, I was walking home and he wouldn't leave me alone." I shake my head, "You get in a fight in every school. Who is he?" "He's the quarter back." I hear a knock on my door before I can complain about him fighting anymore "Come in." Sarah pokes her head around the door and smiles at me. "How are you feeling?" She ask sweetly. "I'm good."

"Good, I just wanted to check on you one more time before my shift ends. Nurse Tanya will take over until tonight when I come back. Doctor Ronald will be here to check on you and tell you how much longer you will be here for, soon." I smile and nod, "I hope I can leave soon." "You're doing great especially to have just woken up from a coma." Danny starts whining and he looks tired. "How long since he woke up?" I ask and look at Alex, "It was probably around 6 this morning when he woke up." "He is adorable. Is he yours?" Sarah asks me. "No, but he might as well be, he is my little brother, his name's Danny." I tell her. "Oh ok. well he's adorable. I'm gonna get outta here."

As I sit and wait for the doctor, my eyes start feeling heavy and I have Alex take Danny, and Wesley tells me, "We're going to go get a bit to eat. I haven't ate since lunch yesterday." "Ok be careful." "We will. We will be back soon ok?" "Ok." I tell him as he is walking out of the door. I wonder where mom is. Is she drinking or already passed out, or not home yet? My eyes get heavier with every blink and before I know it I am falling into a nightmare filled sleep.
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Published: 4/11/2013
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