Who is Lacey Holloman? - Prologue

My first story on Buzzle. Please read.
Um... I'm not sure yet - So this is a small part of my very first story... I hope you all like it, leave me comments telling me if you do or don't. None of the people in this story are real.



I have always been the one to be asked who are you, not who am I, like what's your name. But who are you, like what's your story? My answers are always the same. I'm the quiet one in chem, or I'm the girl from the apartments on the other side of town.

This is the seventh new town in three years. I am tired of moving and going to a new school. This year when I am asked, "Who is Lacey Holloman?" They're going to hear it, they're going to hear it all... This is my story.
Should I continue?
Yes, I like it.
Yes, if you make it better.
I do not care.
Published: 10/31/2012
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