Who Would You Rather Be?

It's time to decide...
What would you rather be?
The best of the best or the one who just existed,
The one who matters,
One who relishes the challenge of life,
Or the one who merely occupies space...

What life would you rather live?
One whose every moment is pursuit of excellence,
Or the one which reeks of mediocrity and incompetence?
A life lived as a work of art and dedication,
Or an impulsive mindless pursuit of pleasures, amounting to nothing...

Who would you rather be?
A meek orderly member of the herd,
Living a predetermined automatic life,
Or a maverick who follows his own heart, trusts his own instinct,
A cynic piling on despair, or an optimist ever in awe of the beautiful mystery that's life...

What path would you rather choose?
The path of least resistance,
With instant gratification, ultimately leading nowhere,
Or the path of discipline, delayed gratification,
Sculpting a life of principle and excellence...

Who would you rather be, it's time to decide,
Give in, surrender to fate or follow your own genius,
Play safe and trace the beaten path,
Or find a way of your own,
Into the unknown world of infinite possibilities...

Who would you rather be?
By Omkar Phatak
Published: 2/7/2012
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