Who's That Girl?

She finally closed her eyes...
Who is that girl I see reflected,
She looks so down and broken,
Her eyes are screaming for help,
The bruises are barely hidden,
Her hands shake and tremble.

Every noise makes her jumpy,
What if he comes back again,
It's been a long tine since,
Her father's latest beatings,
It brings memories rushing back.

The fear of her childhood life,
When she lived in dread of it,
Flinching at every raised hand,
I'm so sorry she screams out,
Never knowing what she did.

This cruel man haunts her,
Every day she lives with the fear,
She cannot take it forever,
Trapped with no way to escape,
She takes the blade and smiles.

Maybe this time she will win,
She barely even felt the sting,
As she fought the emptiness,
Watching the blood run and drip.

She finally closed her eyes,
And felt the relief filling her,
She lay there slowly dying,
Finally free of that monster...
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Needs work.
Published: 5/19/2012
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