Why Am I So Stupid - Part 1

I got some inspiration to write this story. Hope you like it.
In our life we always search for this passionate love... Some are lucky to find it quickly... So others were not that lucky and still look for it.

The major times... we all girls look for our Prince Charmant, or boys that sleeping beauty. Anyway... that perfect someone... that we describe from our perfection's in our POV.

Manal was just that example of girls... that look for the typical guy.

The perfect guy for her... Is 1m90 high, blond, blue eyes, blond hair, someone like her favorite Hollywood actor Chad Michael Murray, if only she was Sam Montgomery (Hilary Duff in a Cinderella story), that's what she always wished...

But she was living in Morocco... Moroccan guys are often brown.

A lot of guys adored her... specially that buddy of her, Maher Ajdani, he confessed to her once... but she refused him politely saying, "Sorry, but you are a buddy... and you know my type of guys." She knew she hurt his feelings. But hanging with. He knew she wasn't to blame. He kept telling... that looking for only his beauty is not a good thing... because beauty will be gone... while growing older... but she was just strong head girl.

One day while she was walking on the beach alone... her favorite place... she saw that young guy... he looked like her dream guy... she went close to him... and said, "Hello... Are you European?"

"Hola... I'm Spanish."
"Oh, really... 0106¥97Come estes?"
"Bueno... Te parle espagnol."
"No... Not really."
"But you understood me."
"A little... Spanish is kind of close to French. And I speak French."
"Ooh I speak French too."
"Je parle fran0Š4ais aussi... (I speak French too)."
"Ah vraiment?... Ca c'est bon (Oh really... That's great)."
They continue talking and walking on the beach... and they exchange each other's phone number.

She was so happy... she fell in love with that guy... his name was Junes, and was pronounced as Khunes in Spanish.

She spend hours everyday talking to him on the phone, when she is with. They spend four hours everyday on the beach with each other and after ten days they both kissed.
Published: 4/5/2014
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