Why Am I So Stupid - Part 2

Here is Part 2. Hope you like the story.
She felt guilt for a moment but that's ok... She was just insanely in love with that guy.

On the same time, she once met her friend Maher. He seemed so happy, he just met that great girl. And now they are dating. She was just happy for him... he will be finally able to forget his huge crush on her.

After five days... That was the last day of Junes in Morocco.

She wanted to accompany him to the airport... but he refused... he didn't wanted to make the thing harder for her.

After two months... while coming back from school, passing by some restaurant on her way, she saw him. She was so happy and tried to call him. He took the phone and turned out the call. But she continued observing him from outside. After ten minutes, a girl got in, and they kissed. He was doing the same thing, he did with her. The same believable fake look and the same fake smile.

Manal went into the restaurant... She slapped him and ran away. A car was passed quickly... she was in the hospital. Her friend Maher was sitting on coach.

She asked him to forgive her. She said she was ready to fall in love with him.

"Sorry Manal, but I am in love with Leila... You know how much I loved you but now it's too late."
She turned her face and started to cry... she remembered what Maher used to tell her. She wished she had a time machine to change everything.

She was fool, stupid and immature. When she wished him to be like Chad Michael Murray, because, Chad Michael Murray is just an actor acting doing his job and playing love is just a way to make money.

End of story.
Published: 4/5/2014
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