Why am I Still Standing?

I can just watch her leave, I decided to start writing again, it's something I need.
You're drifting further and further away from me,
From the love we shared,
From the laughter and tears.

We're lifting every single piece of the puzzle,
We thought so hard to finish,
And so the road they walked together,
Is now no longer.

I'm standing still,
By the crossroad,
Wondering which way to go,
As I watch you slowly walk away,
On your journey.

A journey away from me,
I wouldn't dare to chase after you,
You made it clear,
The day you left me.

No more holding hands,
Because you let my hand,
Go along with your heart,
So why am I still standing?
When everything we had is burned out,
And forgotten.
Published: 5/30/2014
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