Why Are You Hiding?

For someone who hides love... should tell before it's too late.
Why are you hiding?
Are you afraid of the world?
Please stop confusing
I can't hear one more negative word.

Why don’t you just tell me
That you love me?
What’s the use of killing?
What’s the use baby?

If you’re quiet because
There is hell of difference in me and you,
Love is blind
It only sees the truth.

And if I talk weird
Are you a gay?
That's why you're awkward
In giving the magical words their way.

I am kneeling
Can't you just see?
I'm trying to breathe
Just tell me.

Answer me
Do you love me?
I don't wanna misunderstand
I just wanna understand.

It's awkward
But I want you to propose me,
It's weird
But it'll give me life.

My eyes go red
Whenever I feel alone,
But when it is you
I feel I'm safe home.

Don't let the tears come out
My eyes are still damp,
I may not be beautiful out
But I'm not a cruel vamp.

I just wanna hear
I know I'm right,
You love me
So say that's right
Say that's right.
Published: 12/29/2011
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