Why Did He Let Me Go?

Ever came so close to death and wondered why you are still alive? Here's an experience with a close accident but death didn't take me.
They said it was a blink, a millionth of a second,
I don't believe, it lasted for decades, maybe a century,
It was the darkest noon ever, the galaxies were shadowed.

Elizabeth Tower shook, the tick tock from Big Ben froze,
The men around chanted, the women wailed,
The tires of the cars screeched, and the horns locked.

And there I was in his arms; dumb, stiffen, deceased,
In this tropical land, my temp staggered between zeros and ones,
I felt my iced blood struggling its way through my contracted veins,
His cold hands searched my face, opened my mouth and touched my canine,
He tilted my head and whispered discordant words in my ears,
I still don't remember what he said,
But they were not words that will put a baby to bed.

Then he cuddled my neck, robbed my back and let go of me,
Why did he not take me? It left me in deep thought,
Maybe to shun from my dirty little secrets and repent,
Maybe to write my Will and save my family from long unresolved litigation,
Maybe to propose to the one person I've admired and love all my life,
Maybe to be the best parent my kids have been lacking all these years,
Maybe to go home and reunite with the wife I've abandoned,
Maybe to save the poor beggar on the street I trod every morning,
Maybe to put the world I've dismantled in the best form possible.

Maybe... Maybe... Maybe...
I'm still searching for the answer to my question, why did he let go of me??
Published: 12/29/2014
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