Why Do People...

Sometimes, we blame others and God when things go bad. But before we start pointing fingers, make sure we look into ourselves first and we are clean. Please, read my poem. A big thanks!
Why do people lie,
When they could tell the truth?

Why do people need money,
When they could live a simple life?

Why do people hate their jobs,
When millions of people have no jobs?

Why do people kill each other,
When they could love one another?

Why do rich people make a fortune,
When poor people die of famine?

Why do people drink alcohol,
When they know it kills them all?

Why do people still smoke,
When they have family history of stroke?

Why do people become prostitutes,
When they could have positive attributes?

Why do people need to worry,
When they could live in peace and harmony?

Why do people question God,
When things start to get odd?

Why do people hate their fate,
When it's them who create?
Published: 7/18/2013
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