Why Is Good Communication So Important?

With all the hype surrounding communication skills today, a lot of employers want to know why is good communication so important? Though inculcating communication skills is a must in all employees, some are still unaware of the benefits of effective communication. To know everything there is about communication in the workplace, read the article below.
Communication works for those who work at it. ~ John Powell

The need to communicate is very important in the world today for the sharing of ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Effective team planning or teamwork is an impossible dream without communication. Like I've said before, a lot of people ask why is good communication so important today that everyone seems to be talking about it? It is because the employers have inculcated communication skills in their workplace and have seen instant results. The importance of communication is understood only and only after the instant and beneficial results are observed by all. When we look at communication in the workplace, it isn't an individual need but the need of the entire organization and all those who are a part of it.

There have been many debates whether communication should be given the importance it gets today from academics and professionals alike. The winner of the debate is undoubtedly the one who stands in favor of it. Communication is necessary for the rapid growth of a business, and also to maintain a healthy working environment in the workplace. Communication between the employer and the employees and in between all the employees is one of the most important aspects when it comes to teamwork and achieving targets as a team. Mutual goals and targets are almost impossible to achieve with the lack of communication. To know why is good communication so important, read the paragraphs below and understand how communication affects not one but many other elements in the workplace.

Know The Importance of Communication

One of the basic advantages of good communication is that it helps to get rid of problems that arise out of communication barriers. Instant solving of problems, doubts and crisis management issues can be handled with the help of communication. Some people have psychological barriers regarding the behavior of colleagues where assumptions are made and working is affected. As George Bernard Shaw said, the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. Only when communication actually takes place do you realize its benefits.

Sharing of Ideas
Communication prompts the sharing of ideas and thoughts which is very important for the growth of the company. An organization is made up of various groups and teams which each have their respective functions to perform. If mutual targets and goals need to be achieved, it's very important that all these people come together, discuss issues, find methods and perform mutually, together as a team. When different ideas come together, one plan of action is made and applied to the entire organization.

Communication is necessary when teamwork matters the most. It's more important for those organizations that have a lot of departments as all these departments are teams in themselves. Departments again have to communicate with other departments and then communicate as an entire team which is possible only if they're equipped with good communication skills. If a venture that has more than one person, needs to survive mutually and for mutual survival there needs to be communication. This is applicable in relationships too. For any two things to function together, it is important they communicate. Good communication will mean knowing the team more than expected and performing more efficiently than expected.

Continuous Change
Continuous change is very necessary for the functioning of each and every organization. Companies have to change the way they perform if they want to keep up with the changing world outside. These changes are best understood when there is good communication in all the teams. Each process changes from time to time and these changes are best understood by employees outside those processes by the means of effective communication. Those employees then change their way of work depending on what is required for achieving optimum results.

Now that you have understood why is good communication so important, it's time you make a conscious effort and inculcate good communication skills in all your employees. Try new ways to improve communication in the workplace and you will see some positive results immediately. Communication actually does work for those who work at it. So start implementing new methods of improving communication as soon as possible and see how working as a team becomes easier and better!
By Neha Joshi
Published: 4/16/2011
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