Why Men Cheat on Women

'Why men cheat on women' is one of the most common questions that arise in the minds of all committed women. Here is a compilation of some of the reasons of infidelity. Take a look.
Along with exposure of Tiger Woods' series of cheating, came up the age-old question 'why men cheat on women'. Sometimes, you might simply be baffled to hear that a man cheated on a beautiful partner, on a loving and loyal partner and you wonder why do men cheat. What are the reasons for men to find solace outside a relationship. Here are some of the potential causes of infidelity or why men cheat on women.

Why do Men Cheat on Women

Extramarital affairs when found, always turn into an ugly and messy affair. The one who is guilty is often accused without considering the fact that there may be many other factors that has caused him to cheat. There are several causes of why men cheat on women. Let us take a look at them in detail.

For Emotional Fulfillment
Emotional fulfillment is the number one cause why do married men cheat. Having a nagging wife, a wife who doesn't understand her partner's needs and emotions, lack of communication, etc. are the major reasons why most men (of all age groups) cheat. Emotional cheating may develop in incompatible partners or those who have grown apart due to changing times. This is also one of the cause of why men cheat on beautiful women.

To Boost Their Ego
Another reason on why do men cheat on their wives, is to boost their ego. Some egocentric males still consider the chase race a thrill and can't get over it, even when in a committed relationship or a wedlock. This is also one of the reasons why men fall for younger woman and vice versa. A man may cheat if he finds a woman who boosts their ego and finds him attractive. Women should look for signs of cheating men in that case.

For Sexual Fulfillment
Although perceived as the top causes of why men cheat on women they love, sexual fulfillment is not exactly the top cause for cheating. A man may go astray in a relationship for sexual satisfaction only if he has an disinterested partner. Not many people are aware but it is essential to be sexually compatible to your partner in order to have a smooth and solid relationship. A man, whose partner has no time for him, is not willing to try newer aspects of sexual relationship, also tends to cheat on her.

Because You Forgave Them in the Past
This is one of the least known reasons why men cheat on women. If you have caught him in the past and have forgiven him, there are more than 50% chances of him cheating again. Secondly, if the man is assured that you are dependent on him (emotionally, financially, etc.), he may cheat on you as he thinks he can get away with it. Whenever he finds an exciting and newer challenge, he may definitely be tempted to go for it; and think of mending with you later!

As an Accident
Accident is also considered as one of the causes why do men cheat on their girlfriends and wives. Imagine a situation if a man is alone, and comes across a hot and single ex flame; there are higher chances of him cheating his existing partner. Although he may have no reason to cheat his partner; the man may give in to temptations in the heat of the moment. Men often plead their cheating as accidental, but this cause ranks far lower in the list of the causes on why men cheat on women!

These are some of the potential causes on why men cheat on women. A single or a combination of any of the above mentioned causes can lead to infidelity in men. If in a serious relationship, you can look for ways on how to keep your man from cheating to prevent the situation. Lastly, women should remember that men too require love, care, understanding as much as they do, and the combination of the same can prevent infidelity to a great extent. Good luck!
By Madhura Pandit
Published: 11/16/2010
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