Written for my youngest son who passed away when he was 16 days old and how I am feeling.
This feeling I have ,
Will it ever go away ?
These thoughts I have,

Will they ever go away ?
Will I ever be able to talk about it .
Or will I just keep it to myself ?

Will my heart ever heal,
Or will I just have to deal?
My mind says one day I will be ready,

Ready to live on.
My heart says how,
How can I live on without you.

My soul says not to cry,
Because your safe and being cared for.
But I still cry .

Why ,why did it have to be you?
You were my world ,my everything.
Why did you have to go?

I miss you so much.
Why did you have to suffer?
Why did they have to take you?

If I could hold you one more time,
Kiss you just one last time,
Just hold your little hand to let you know I'll always be with you.

If only you were here.
If only you knew how much I love and miss you.
You are forever in my heart.
Published: 5/28/2009
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