Wilderness Of Cold

A missed opportunity.
Lost in a world of if only's,
I ponder the if, what's and buts,
As I wander this world, lonely,
Wondering what became of her.

It was a mutual separation,
At the time, I thought it best,
We'd experienced little problems,
Never thought they'd come to this.

I never saw her as a soulmate,
But now I'm not so sure.
For now I miss her more than ever,
And my heart aches for her more.

Perhaps we're meant to be together,
So then why are we apart?
For now, I love her more than ever,
And I can't mend my broken heart.

And will she ever come back to me,
Will she cure my aching soul?
Or shall I be left to wander,
In a wilderness of cold?
Published: 4/4/2016
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