Will This Happen Ever??

A family's trauma...
Since five years, only to abuse and curse, her mouth opens.
Due to this, gap between children and her widens.
The hurt and wound she inflicts on her own is unimaginable.
Pain and sorrow from those is indescribable and unbearable.

Any level of tolerance would find it difficult to resist.
Exchange of harsh words turns her in to a virtual beast.
Repeated requests to mend her tongue help the least.
With her stinging tongue, epitome of patience is put to test.

All this is after effects of losing her dearest child.
Her cool temper has turned uncontrollably wild.
All love and affection for the rest has vanished with her late son.
For her irretrievable loss, what have the living ones done?

Their compassion and care is least noted and goes in vain.
Efforts to put sense in to her run down the drain.
Any amount of consolation fails to revive her original personality.
How could a wonderful woman lose her best quality??

Her mind has turned irrevocably bitter and bad.
This disastrous change in her is making the children very sad.
Always an atheist, she did not believe in superpower or fate.
She refuses to accept that her worst loss is cruel destiny’s unkind act.

She attributes the loss of her son to his siblings’ negligence.
Children are utterly vexed trying to explain their innocence.
To make her see reality and be reasonable, they are trying their best.
No stone is left unturned in finding a way to put her restless mind to rest.

Only a sudden enlightenment can cure her misgiving!
She has to believe it is the Almighty’s doing!!
Only then, will she live and let others live in peace.
Till that moment her children have to pay for all of this!!!
Published: 2/19/2011
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