Will We Be Together

This poem is about a relationship that was perfect, but as time went by, both hearts stayed in the same place, but their minds started contradicting of why things changed. So much it seems as nothing was the same.
At first it's like a dream come true,
Then in the end, it's like a nightmare,
Full of fear and hate,
Together or without, we will never be complete.

Our hearts are on the same page,
But our minds wonder with pain,
What would it be if we were not together,
Would we have laughter and smiles of joy.

The harder we try to be together,
Seems to be the biggest disaster,
And all my mind can wonder,
Is how do we get back to the beginning.

How do we get back the first kiss,
How do we get back the first touch,
How do I get back your sweet words,
Just lost in a punch bowl, waiting to drowned,
Just contradicting weather together is better,
Than being alone.

Could we just be friends and never lovers,
Should our story pause and come to its end,
With a closed curtain and a wave for goodbye,
At the end of the nightmare, it tells no lie,
Forever fades and always will astray.
Published: 3/13/2012
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