Will You Love Me Where You Are?

For my sister to give to her husband who is Iraq
When I sleep
It’s your face that I see.
And when I speak
It’s your name that I breathe.

When I wish
It’s your name that I whisper
And when I’m waiting
It’s over you that my thoughts linger.

And when you’re gone
It’s you that I want
And in my nightmares
It’s the loss of you that I have fought.

I lay awake under the stars
Wondering if you think of me too
And in my overwhelming loneliness
What is there left for me to do

But to think of the man
That holds the key to my heart
That keeps my world
From shattering, breaking apart.

So dream of me
In your lonely place
Dream of me
Imagine my face

Love me hard
Fast, and deep
Because you are mine
Forever mine to keep.
Published: 12/29/2008
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