Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 10

I can't bear it anymore Rhea. I can't bear being away from you...
She looked through her window and saw a silhouette in the dark near the hostel.
Rhea called him up and saw his face in the faint light of his phone, confirming that Amit was actually outside.

Rhea started hyperventilating. Scared as well as excited to see him after months.
"What are you doing?" She said on the phone.
"I can't bear it anymore Rhea. I can't bear being away from you. It's been months. Neha lied that day. Don't you trust me? Don't you love me anymore?" Amit said.
"I... Yes I love... Amit. I don't know..." Rhea mumbled on the phone. She couldn't speak, she blinked back tears with a lump in her throat.

"Angel, I can prove it to you. I was at the bank. She was flirting with a hostel mate and saw me going in the opposite direction of the college."
"Amit... "
"She sent me this stupid threatening text too. Would you please trust me?"
"I texted you that morning. You never replied. And then Neha came and kissed you. What else would I think?"

"You still believe her after how much she insulted you?"
"I... She said I'm her best friend."
"Yeah right! Would you come downstairs please Angel?"
"I can't... The gates are closed."
"Fine. I'm coming in the morning. Will you meet me then?"
Rhea hesitated.
"Please Angel." Amit pleaded.
"Ok." She said.
"I love you Angel. I missed you so, so much. I promise I'll never hurt you. She lied, alright I'll prove it tomorrow." Amit had tears in his eyes.

"I missed you too," she sniffed trying not to cry.
"Please don't cry baby... I love you. I'm leaving now. Will be there tomorrow morning."
"I love you too..."
Rhea saw him leaving. A part of her always believed him. He said Neha had threatened him. This confused her. 'When did everything get so complicated?' She wondered.
She hardly slept that night, scared and excited for the next day.


Apologizing for the short chapters... Had lost Chapters 9 and 10, had to rewrite them.


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Published: 6/15/2013
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