Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 11

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Rhea was up early the next day. Actually, she hardly slept. She was going to see Amit after so long. She was happy, sad, excited, and scared at the same time. She quickly had a bath and got ready, waiting for him.

Amit, on the other hand was angry. He jumped from the hostel wall to meet her. He missed her and wanted to see her, and she didn't even come to meet him.
Now, even though he knew it was Rhea, he was going to meet, his Angel. But his blood was boiling.
'How could she not trust me? She loves me right? She didn't even try to clarify what happened', he thought.

He got dressed and left.
He reached her hostel and called her up.
Rhea's heart started beating fast when her phone rang. She rushed downstairs.
When Rhea saw him, he looked different. Unshaved and bags under his eyes, no usual dazzling smile... she realized what she had done to him...
She reached him and said, "Hi". He didn't say anything. He held her hand and led her toward the canteen. They quietly had breakfast. Rhea was getting nervous by the minute.

After eating, Amit again held her hand again and led her to the place where they always sat, the place with the bench where Rhea always went.
He held her hand too tight, like trying to convince himself that she was actually there with him. He gently tugged her every now and then.

Rhea was very nervous now.
Amit was so angry, he couldn't even look at her, afraid he'll shout or do something to hurt her.
They sat on the bench. Rhea asked after sometime, "Are you ok?"
He laughed, "Do I look ok?" and looked at her. His eyes were blazing.
"Amit, I'm sorry. I-"
"Cut it. Stop being so innocent. Who do you think you are, huh? Just left me there... You think I'll go on running behind you explaining that I've done nothing? Almost hundred calls, so many messages. Forget about me. Those two girls, Karishma and Kiran, they couldn't even eat properly for days. Do you enjoy doing all this?"
"I'm sorry. I was so lost. I had no idea." Rhea replied.

"Yeah! Innocent little girl who has no idea what's going on, right?"

"Please Amit. I really love you."

"Don't say those words Rhea. If you don't mean them, just don't. You should've trusted me, if you love me. I just want to prove that I didn't do anything," saying he pulled her hand and roughly placed his phone in her hand.
"Read that message," he spat, "and this is the bank receipt from the morning that day," and slammed the paper on the bench. He showed her Neha's message she had sent that day. Rhea was shocked.

"Amit, I'm-"

"Don't Please. Just don't."

"Amit please. I know I was stupid. God, I wanna slap her so hard. Yesterday she said that I'm her best friend-"

"You met her? After all this? Wow! And here I am crying for you. Well done Rhea!"

"She came at the hostel and said we are going out-"

"There's a word called NO Rhea!" He roared. "But you know, you've set your priorities, right? Neha is your best friend! So be it."

"Amit, please listen to me-"

"What will you say? Sorry? Huh?"

"I didn't know she was like that."

"You know exactly how she is Rhea! She insults you, demotivates you, calls you fat, she sees you as her sidekick, not a friend. So technically you are her servant and you have no self-respect. I'm done here. You can't even stand up for yourself. I'm just done!"

Rhea got angry now.
"Excuse me! Everybody comes and tells me anything. You think I don't have any feelings? I just thought she was my friend. How on earth would I know she would be like this?"

"That's the problem with you small-town girls. You just-"

Rhea slapped him. "I'm done listening to you and Neha," she said.

Amit snatched his phone from her hands and left. "I'm done too," he shouted from behind.
Should Rhea and Amit be together?
Published: 6/17/2013
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