Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 12

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Amit left with tears prickling his eyes. Rhea totally broke him. He felt terrible for being so rude with her.
Rhea cried all night. She felt horrible for slapping Amit. She kept thinking about everything.
Why did she slap him?
How could Neha be so evil?
Why was all this happening to her?
Why is she so weak?
Why can't she stand up for herself?

She knew whatever Amit said about her was right and that she had really hurt him. There's no place for innocent, honest people here. Everybody thinks your honesty is pretense. People are friends with you for some reason or motive. Those who really care for you are rarely found.

Rhea decided to change herself. Become stronger and bolder. But the first thing she had to do, was apologize to Amit.
She woke up with hope the next morning. She had a quick shower, got dressed and left for Amit's hostel. She asked the hostel guard to call Amit from his room.
Rhea waited impatiently, her heart thumping loudly. Ten minutes later, Amit arrived rubbing his eyes sleepily. Rhea slightly smiled looking at him.

He looked up and saw Rhea. Amit approached her, his jaws set looking straight. "What now? Wanna slap me in front of the whole hostel now?" He asked and slipped his hands in his pockets.
Rhea did something much unexpected then. She reached up to him, stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips with all love she had for him.

Amit was stunned... His eyes widened.
Rhea Sharma!! The most fragile, shy girl he had ever known, kissed him in front of the boys' hostel entrance, in front of the guards and students. He melted in seconds and kissed her back.
Realizing they are in public; he pulled back slowly and hugged Rhea tight. "I'm so so sorry Amit. I love you," Rhea whispered.

"I love you too Angel," Amit said.
"And this is not what 'small-town girls normally do, alright!" Rhea said air-quoting. They burst out laughing. Rhea kissed his cheeks several times. A senior passed them and murmured, "Get a room guys!" Rhea giggled.
They spent the whole day together then.

"Would you mind shaving?" Rhea asked Amit at lunch.
"Why? It's my sexy love-sick look baby! Does it turn you on?" Amit smirked.
"Pervert!" Rhea smacked him.
"Haha... Ok listen now. Do not tell Neha that we are together now, would you? I don't want her drama again."

"I'm never associating with her again. Sidekick my foot." Rhea gritted her teeth.
"Come on, she's your BFF right?" Amit mocked at her.
"You're evil." Rhea lightly punched him. "I hate you!"
"But you just said you love me/" Amit pouted.
"Aww," Rhea hugged him.
"Just try to be as formal with her as you can. I'm scared she'll trouble you more if you just suddenly stop talking to her." Amit said, serious now.
"Ok, Sir! Your wish is my command!" Rhea bowed. Amit laughed and kissed her.

Soon it was the hostel in-time. Amit accompanied Rhea to her hostel. He hugged her tight and kissed her hands, and left.
Rhea giggled and waved goodbye to Amit. She entered her room with thousands of butterflies in her stomach. She was finally with Amit. Her love... Her life...


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Published: 6/19/2013
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