Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 13

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Rhea and Amit spent the rest of the summer together. Rhea completely ignored Neha by not answering her calls or replying to her texts. She still chatted with Arjun on the phone.

Arjun and Rhea came close during these days. They started sharing each other's secrets. Arjun confessed her that he really liked Neha. Rhea realized that behind that mischievous guy was a very sensitive person and hoped that Neha wouldn't break his heart.

Soon the holidays were over and with that came the rains. Rhea's second year in engineering started. Rhea had opted for Computer Science, while Karishma, Kiran and Neha were in Information Technology. Arjun was in the Electronics branch and Amit in Mechanical. Thus, all of them had separate schedule.

Soon the classes started. All of them had made new friends, except Rhea. It became extremely difficult for her to open up around her new classmates. But, she had decided to overcome her fears. So bit by bit, she started interacting with her classmates.

A week after the reopening, the first year results were out. Neha and Kiran topped. Neha went around boasting her results. She even mocked at Rhea, who came fifth in the class. Rhea, already mad at her, stepped forward to punch her in the face, Kiran had to pull her away from the scene. She finally calmed down when Arjun pleaded to her.

Amit scored the second highest. He filled the branch-change form without giving a second thought. It was immediately approved because of his good marks. He was thrilled and excited to surprise Rhea the next day.


Rhea's POV

The Following Day

Another rainy day... I feel blue...
Can't I snuggle in my blanket all day?
The alarm snooze went off.
Arrgg!! I wanna sleep, you stupid machine!
I picked up my phone. 4 messages:

Arjun: GM Reeee... Have a nice day!

Kiran: Morning Kung Fu Panda! Early class today. See you at lunch...
(Yeah! Kiran started calling me 'Kung Fu Panda' after I tried to punch Neha on the Results Day)

Amit: Morning Angel... Love you soo soooo much! Muuaahhh! See you...

Neha: How much did you get in Physics? I got 95.

I rolled my eyes and replied to Neha-

Me: You'll mug up everything and vomit it out on the paper, of course you'll get 95...

Neha: Whatever... Come on Rhea baby... Accept it. I'm better than you.

God! Why did I reply? Somewhere I still hope that she's a good person. I'm seriously stupid. Then I replied to all the good morning messages and started getting ready for college. Wearing a dull long-sleeved top and jeans, I left for college. Sitting in the third row as usual.

"Hi Angel."
Hmm. Amit can't be here, right?

"Why can't I? I'm Amit Gupta. I can be anywhere I want."

Amit grabbed me.

"Aarrggg!! You scared me!" I said. He laughed and came forward and hugged me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Hug me properly at least!! I'm your boyfriend!"
God! Can he ever be serious!

"Amit!! Why are you in my class?"

"Fine!" He scowled, "I changed my branch!!"

"What?! Really?"


"Why...? How...? When...?"

"I wanna be with you. So..."

I felt my cheeks go red. Finally, I could be with Amit somewhere without any worry of Neha spotting us together.
I hugged him tight.
"Ummmm... Rhea. There are people watching," he said chuckling.
"Sorry," I mumbled and let him go.



"Arrgggh! I can't stand her! Who does she think she is?" Karishma groaned. Kiran giggled. Amit and Rhea raised their brows in amazement.
Now, if Karishma was groaning meant somebody really... really irritated her.
"Who?" Amit asked.
"Ne...ha," Kiran said between her giggles.
Rhea frowned.
"And why on earth are you giggling?" Amit asked giving her a confused look.
"They... had this really stupid... stupid argument... Oh boy! I can't stop laughing!" Kiran held her belly.
"I'm sorry you guys. I shouldn't have let her in your lives. All of this is happening because of me," Rhea said.
Kiran stopped giggling.

"This has nothing to do with you. Why are you so... so...?" Kiran said.
"She's here! If she sees Amit with you...." Karishma gasped.
Amit quickly got up and left from the cafe's back door.
Rhea felt even worse now.
"Why do I have to hide a very important relationship of my life? Why can't I just be me?" Rhea asked almost in tears.
"'Cuz she'll ruin it Rhea. We always protect the things we care for. That's what you are doing..." Karishma said.
"Yeah! Don't fret about it dear," Kiran said patting her hand.
"Let's go now... I'll scratch her eyes out if I sit here any longer." Karishma gritted her teeth.
Rhea and Kiran laughed and the three girls left the cafe crossing Neha with their arms looped together, giggling.


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