Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 14

Their first date. Picture of Rhea's dress.
Days passed by... Rhea and Neha hardly spoke. Rhea was always formal with her. Everything was going fine.
One Sunday afternoon, Amit called Rhea up.
"Hey Angel."
"Get ready. I'm coming to your hostel."
"Cuz' I'm your boyfriend, remember? We're going out!"
"On a date?"
"Yup! Get ready now!"
"But... Neha?"
"God! She doesn't follow us around ok? Get ready now, please!"
"Ok!" Rhea smiled.

She rushed to Kiran's room and shouted out about the date. Kiran screamed along. Karishma and Kiran helped her get dressed.
Rhea wore a cream laced dress that ended just below her knees. She had no accessories on, except simple pearl earrings. Kiran tied her hair in a messy bun. She had minimal makeup on.
Karishma added a black belt to the dress and asked her to wear nude-colored wedges below.
"Amit's gonna die today!" Kiran exclaimed.
"You look amazing Rhea." Karishma said.
"Thank you guys. What would I do without you?" Rhea smiled.
"Look into the mirror at least!" Kiran shouted.
"Is it necessary to shout Kiran?" Karishma scolded.
"Fine mom!" Kiran scowled.

Rhea's phone rang.

"My! He's here!" Rhea gulped. She could hear her heart thumping.
"Go! You look beautiful." Karishma said.
"Bye Ree! Kill him today!" Kiran pushed her out, handing her a black cardigan.
Rhea descended the hostel stairs literally shivering. All the girls who passed her, complimented her. She politely smiled, thanking everyone.

Amit stood at the hostel entrance. He wore a formal button down shirt and gray pants, and stood with a beautiful red rose in his hand.
When Rhea reached him, his mouth hung open. He stood speechless for a while. Rhea blushed and lowered her gaze.
"You... look... beautiful..." Amit said.
"Thank you. You look good too." Rhea said.
"Thanks baby. Let's go." He said and walked her with his hand on her back.
"So... This is our first formal date, right?" Rhea asked.
"Yup. I'm charming right?" Amit smirked.
"Hahaha. Ordering me around is not charming Amit."
"I don't do that!"
"Get ready. We're going out. This is not how you ask your girlfriend on a date."
"You're sexy when you're annoyed. Did you know that?"
Rhea rolled her eyes.

"I hate being formal with you Rhea. I love you." Amit bumped his forehead with hers.
"I love you too."
Amit took her to a meadow near the college park. It was a beautiful open space, surrounded by large trees.
Right at the center was a large picnic basket. Rhea smiled.
"It's so beautiful and quiet here. How did you find this place?" She asked.
"Came jogging here once. Became my secret spot since then."
Amit laid the quilt, removed a small table and lit two candles on it. Rhea helped him. Soon they were chatting and eating.

"I didn't know you were romantic." Rhea smiled.
"Only for you..."
Rhea blushed and crept into his arms. Amit closed his eyes and held her tight.
"God, what have you done to me Rhea? I'm crazy about you." Amit sighed.
Rhea snuggled closer.
"I wanna be here forever. In your arms."
Amit turned her around and cupped her cheeks. He leaned closer and gently kissed her. Rhea kissed him back. Both of them never wanted this moment to end. Lost in their own little world.

Soon, they found themselves cuddled in each other's arms.
Rhea woke up with a start. "What time is it?"
"Damn! It's almost in-time." Amit shouted.
"Why are you shouting?"
"Would you help me pack this up?"
They hurriedly packed the picnic stuff and rushed to the hostel.
Amit hugged her tight and kissed her cheek running off toward his hostel.

Rhea entered the hostel gates just in time. As she entered the lobby, she saw somebody familiar sitting at the far corner.
Neha looked up, teary-eyed and hair messed up.
"Oh my God! What happened?"
Rhea approached her. Neha burst out crying and hugged her tight. Rhea was slightly startled.
"Nobody talks to me. You've left me too." Neha said between her tears.
"Neha, I-"
"I'm so alone. Can I have lunch with you from tomorrow?"
"Please... We used to be best friends."
"Ok. Go home now it's late."
Neha brightened up immediately. She kissed Rhea's cheek and left.
"Weird," Rhea murmured.
She slowly climbed the stairs, reached her room, changed into shorts and fell on the bed.

She texted Amit:

Did you reach before time?

Amit: Yup.

Rhea: Ok. Neha was here. She cried a lot. Said she wanted to have lunch with us.

Amit: And you said?

Rhea: Don't be angry now, ok. I said yes. If she doesn't change, we'll just tell her she can't be with us. Give her a chance.

Amit: Ok. It's your choice baby.

Rhea: Luv u sooo much. Muaahhh.

Amit: Luv u too. Sleep now.

Rhea: Ok. Gudnite baby. Luv u.

Amit: Gudnite sweetheart. Luv u too.

Rhea closed her eyes, trying not to think about what would happen the next day at lunch...


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