Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 16

She kind of liked being alone. It was better than the melodrama. (Hope you guys like it!)
Rhea said goodbye to Kiran and Karishma, and left early in the morning. Through the bus ride she kept on thinking about everything. She had lost her focus on her aim because of the drama that had been going on. When did everything else start to matter so much to her? What did she gain by having cat fights with Neha? And Amit, he was mad at her all the time.

Did all of this really have so much importance that she even forgot her parents? Why had she suddenly stopped smiling and being happy? Karishma and Kiran have always been with her but were Neha and Amit so important that she forgot them? And her studies were lagging too.

Then determination took place of the sorrow and anger in her mind. She decided to be the same as she was before meeting all these people. She was not gonna care what others think. Just focus on studies and those who genuinely cared for her. When she reached home, she put all these thoughts aside and enjoyed her stay at home. She genuinely smiled after a long time. She ignored her phone and spent time with her younger brother and parents.

Two days later, it was time to go back to college. Rhea packed her bag ever so slowly hoping it would help in missing the bus. She left home with a heavy heart. She reached the hostel at dusk. Karishma and Kiran rushed to hug her tight. They had dinner together, talked a lot and soon retired to bed.

Rhea woke up early in the morning the next day and started studying. Then she got dressed and left for college. It was now that she checked her phone. There were several messages and missed calls from Amit. She ignored them and attended her classes. She sat in a far corner in the class, concentrating on the lectures. She was the first to enter the class and last to leave so nobody would bother her. She saw Amit a lot of times as they were in the same class, but quickly hid or changed her direction to dodge him. She didn't have lunch in the cafe, instead studied in the library.

She met Karishma and Kiran at the hostel, had dinner with them, and went to study again. This went by for few days. She kind of liked being alone. It was better than the melodrama. She liked being in control of her feelings when she was alone. Like she could breathe with ease. Her mind was stable, still, and focused. Secluded from all emotions. It was like meditation in a way.

Days went by. One night when Rhea retired to bed her phone rang. It was Arjun.
"Hey stranger!" He said.
"Hi Arjun! How are you?" Rhea smiled.
"Where are you dude? I haven't seen you since forever!"
"I'd gone home. Returned yesterday."
"Oh. How's everybody at home?"
"All good."
"Good. You know I'm thinking of asking Neha out."
"Ohhkkk... All the best."
"And... You don't like her right?"
"It's not that, Arjun. She's just a bit rude, that's all."
"I know... But I really like her, Rhea. I'm extremely protective about her. I don't like the way boys stare at her."
"She enjoys it Arjun."
"Yeah! Oh..."
"What do I do?"
"Give it sometime. If you think it's right, go for it."
"I'm off to sleep now. Goodnight Arjiii."
"Nightie night Reee."
Rhea clicked the phone off and got into her bed. She quickly fell asleep.


The next day at lunch, Rhea sat at the library stairs reading when Neha tapped her from behind.
"Hey!" She squealed.
"Hey Neha! Not at the cafe today?"
"No. I thought I'd spend some time with you. Hey, I like your hair."
"What ya reading?"
"Mmmm... Web Designing."
"Hmm... Did you eat?"
"Naa, not hungry."
Neha opened her bag and nearly force-fed Rhea with a sandwich. Rhea had a slight smile on her face.
"Arjun called me last night." Rhea said.
"Ok. What did he say?" Neha asked.
"Nothing much. Normal talks."
"He called you at night Rhea. You could have had some fun with him." Neha smirked.
"What?!" Rhea was shocked by her words, "but you like him, right?"
"No. He's temporary."

Rhea was too shocked to say anything.
"Didn't Amit ask you out?" Neha asked.
Rhea froze. Neha's text flashed in her mind.
"Umm... No." Rhea lied.
"Good. Somebody told me you both are an item now." Neha snorted.
"We don't even talk nowadays."
"Why would he? You're not pretty or anything. And anyway, he likes me."
"What's your problem Neha?"
"Nothing. Forget it. I have to go. Bye."
Rhea abruptly stood and left.

"Rhea... Wait." Neha shouted and got up to follow her. She didn't even bother to look behind.
Her eyes welled up. She lowered her head and kept walking. Then she hit someone and stumbled. Regaining her balance she looked up. Rhea's breath got caught in her throat. Her mouth went dry.
Amit stood in front of her, glaring, and Neha was right behind.


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Published: 8/3/2013
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