Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 17

"He's your boyfriend? You lied to me?" Neha spoke from nowhere. Read on. Hope you guys like it.
"Where were you? I have been worried sick. Why didn't you call me back?" Amit asked.
"Neha's right behind, Amit. Don't create a scene here." Rhea pleaded.
"Where were you?"
"Amit..." Rhea tried to leave but he blocked her way.
"I asked where were you?" Amit said, his teeth clenched.
"Home. Happy? I got tired of your drama and went home. Arjun is my friend. It's not my fault that you're jealous of him. You are my boyfriend, not Arjun. You should have understood that before stopping talking to me! But it's always my fault, right? Now would you let me go?"

"He's your boyfriend? You lied to me?" Neha spoke from nowhere.
"Oh zip it Neha! I'm tired of your bitchiness too. You can't just go on treating me like shit, alright. Who do you think you are, huh? You don't own me." Rhea roared at her.
Neha was too shocked to answer.
Rhea, fed up of both of them, left for her classes.
She left for hostel as soon as the last bell rang. She busied herself in studies.

Two days later, late at night, her phone rang.
"What did you tell her?" Arjun shrieked on the phone.
"Who? What happened?" Rhea asked, confused.
"Neha. You told her I called you and we had phone s*x?"
"Are you crazy?"
"No. You are. What did you tell her?"
"I just told her that you called me last night and we talked for a while, that's it. In fact, she was the one who said that you're temporary and she doesn't like you."

"Wow! What's going on Rhea. I don't understand."
"Me neither."
"I don't know who to trust. This is a nightmare."
"Look, calm down. It's on you to decide whom you trust, Arjun. I have no say in this. It's completely your decision. Just know that me and Neha aren't very close. And I really value your friendship. I'd do nothing to ruin it."

"Ok Ree. Good night."
"Good night."
Rhea then called Neha.
"Hey Rhea baby!" Neha answered the phone innocently.
"I'd never expected such a shameful thing from you. You'd drop to so low to make me look bad. What kind of a person are you Neha?"
"But what did I do? You were the one who had fun with Arjun and Amit at the same time. On the phone with Arjun, in real with Amit."

"Wow! You are so jealous Neha baby. Is it because nobody pays attention to you? My friends trust me. Nobody's going to believe what haughty Neha says. Don't you know what your image is in the college?"
"You don't talk to me like that, alright!"
"That's exactly how you should be talked to. Now, if you even try and utter my name from your fitly mouth, I'll ruin you. Big time. I'll show you what I can really do when you get to Rhea Sharma's bad side. Get it?"

Rhea clicked the phone off. She rushed to Kiran and Karishma's room and told them everything. She was in tears when she finished. Both the girls consoled Rhea and insisted that she should concentrate more on studies. Kiran cracked some jokes to lighten the atmosphere. They started laughing at Rhea's overdramatic life.

Karishma then confessed something.
"Ummm... guys.. There's this guy in my batch... and..."
"Oooo... Rohan Nanda." Kiran cooed.
"Kiran!" Karishma shrieked.
"Reee.. He's the Mr. Perfect. And he's head over heels crazy about Karishma-"
"And I like him too and he asked me out, and we have a date tomorrow!" Karishma finished in one breath.

"Oh my God!" The girls squealed and group hugged.
"I have the perfect dress for you." Rhea said.
"And I'll do your hair!" Kiran shouted.
"And you don't need makeup." Rhea smiled.
Karishma blushed. They talked for a long time about Rohan and many other random things.
Rhea forgot all her problems and had a good time with the girls.
She checked her phone. There were two messages.

Arjun: I trust you Ree... you have always been a true friend to me. Thank you... see you on Monday.
Amit: M sorry Angel. I love you. Please let's meet and clear it up. Luv you baby.

Rhea kept the phone aside and had fun with Kiran and Karishma. They gossiped. Ate chips, and chocolates, and watched a comedy movie on Kiran's laptop. They didn't realize when they fell asleep.


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Published: 8/6/2013
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