Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 18

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Here's a picture of Rohan's and Karishma's dress.


Next day, the girls woke up quite late. They had a quick breakfast, and Karishma started getting ready for the date. Rhea gave her a gray and pink dress with gray heels to wear. Kiran straightened her hair and clipped some back, letting her hair go. She had minimal makeup on and looked stunning.

"Wow! You look awesome!" Kiran said.
"You look very pretty Karishma." Rhea said.

A car honked at the hostel gate. The guard shouted that Karishma had a visitor.

"Rhea, please come with me. I want you to meet Rohan. Kiran has already met him. Don't say no." Karishma said, pulling Rhea along with her.
"Have fun Karu." Kiran said before diving into her books.

Karishma and Rhea walked downstairs to the hostel gate. Rhea saw a posh car and a very handsome guy leaning against it. He stood straight as he saw the girls walking toward him.

"Wow ... you look ... wow! Amazing!" He sighed.
"Thank you," Karishma smiled, "Rohan, I want you to meet one of my best friends. This is Rhea. Rhea meet Rohan."
"Hi Rhea. Good to meet you." Rohan extended his hand.
"Hi Rohan, it's nice to meet you too." Rhea said politely shaking his hand.

"Are we ready to go Karishma?" Rohan asked her.
"Yup. Bye Rhea." Karishma waved at her.
"Bye. Have fun you guys." Rhea waved back.
"Bye Rhea." Rohan waved too.

Rohan opened the passenger door of the car for Karishma. Both of them left.

Rhea walked back to her room, thinking of her first date with Amit. Her heart sank thinking of the situation they were in. Shaking the thought off her mind, she buried herself in studies for the entire day.

Karishma returned in the evening. She fell on the bed as soon as she reached her room, with a big smile on her face.

"Weird." Kiran murmured. "Rhea, come here right now. She's back." She shouted.
"Hey! How was it?" Rhea asked entering their room.
"It was amazing. He's so cute." Karishma sighed.
"Oooo ... someone's in love." Kiran wolf cried.
"Stop it. It's just one date." Karishma said.
"And, you are already in lo-oh-vee." Kiran sang.

Karishma glared at her. They burst out laughing.

"C'mon, change and let's sleep. We've got college tomorrow." Rhea said.

Soon the girls retired to bed. Rhea was half asleep when her phone rang loudly. Irritated she didn't even see who was calling and switched it off.

The next day, Rhea woke up afresh. She didn't know why, but she felt like she had a peaceful sleep after days.

The next few weeks went by normally. Arjun and Rohan started hanging out with the girls now. Rhea saw Amit during classes but rarely spoke.

Rhea finally started to think that things were back to normal now.


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Published: 8/28/2013
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