Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 19

He never imagined they would be so close, but miles apart.
Days passed. Things went back to where they were. Rhea got engrossed in studies. She spent the rest of her time with her friends and Arjun. Amit started avoiding Rhea now. He never imagined they would be so close, but miles apart. She never gave him a chance to explain the way he behaved.

Somewhere he knew he was wrong but he had no control over his feelings. It angered him, the way Rhea was close to Arjun. But he knew they were only friends. He knew Rhea loved him, not Arjun. Rhea loved Arjun only as a friend. He was jealous; she was "free" when she was with him. She laughed liberally, like she didn't care what people thought of her when she was with him.

Amit regretted his actions every day. The way she burst out that day, came as a shock to him. He realized how much he had got her frustrated. He even texted Rhea that day, but she never replied.

Soon it was exam time. Everybody got busy in studies. Rhea and her batchmates faced viva and project presentations for the first time. That was a tough job for Rhea, being a shy person that she was. During the viva, she was so nervous that even though she knew all the answers, she couldn't answer them properly. The examiner asked her to come again well prepared this time. She knew that being recalled for a viva was a big disadvantage. She walked out of the room dumbfounded. All the other students circled around her, asking what the teacher had asked. She pushed past them and ran through the stairs to a far corner. Amit followed her, calling her name. She was too occupied to notice him.

She stopped, out of breath, tears welling up in her eyes. She cried over every single thing so far. It irritated her.

"Hey ... what's wrong?" Amit held her hands.
"Please leave me alone." She said.
"No. I'm not going anywhere." He said.
"Please Amit. Just please leave!"
"Stop it please. I'm done with you Amit-"
He hugged her tight. She broke down and cried.
"I love you." He said.
"I love you too." She said.
"I'm so sorry, Angel."
"Hmm ... I know."
Rhea pulled back. Amit still held her tight.
"Always?" He asked.
"Always." She replied.

They sat down on the stairs and studied for the viva. Rhea went in for the second attempt, confident this time and answered all the questions correctly. The examiner was very happy with her performance. He explained to her that even if she is scared she shouldn't show it in her expressions. Everybody makes mistakes, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Rhea thanked her and left. She came out and hugged Amit tightly.


Soon the exams were over. It was vacation time again. Rhea left for home as soon as exams were over. Amit accompanied her to the bus station. They were waiting for the bus. Amit sat sulking and snorting at Rhea.

"What?!" She exclaimed, irritated.
"Nothing," he said.
"Seriously, what's wrong?"
"Don't go Angel," he held her hand.
"Aww ... my baby." She hugged him.
Amit pouted, "Don't go. Please."
"But you are going home too. Tomorrow."
"Yeah! Still."
"Are you drunk, or stoned, or something?"
"No! Are you crazy?"

Rhea burst out laughing and kissed his cheek. Amit tried to look angry but couldn't help smiling. After a while, Rhea's bus arrived. Amit hugged her tight and kissed her forehead. Rhea blushed and asked him to take care and got on the bus.

Amit waved at her and sent her flying kisses till the bus was out of sight. He left the station with a heavy heart, wishing the vacations end soon.


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Published: 9/19/2013
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