Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 22

"He's a good match for you. Just say yes to the proposal", she said.
College romances don't last. Rhea learnt it the hard way. Amit moved to Bangalore. Rhea moved to Mumbai. They were losing touch and were getting busy. One day, they had a huge argument and Amit blocked her. No communication. No formal break up. No explanations.

Amit got his dream job and found a new girlfriend. They posted numerous pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Each post ended with, "My lovely, my kisses are only for you."

Rhea fell into the clutches of recession. Anxiety ate her up. So she ate more and more every day. She passed well in the MBA entrance and got admitted in a fairly reputed institute.

Kiran moved to Pune. Karishma went back to her hometown and took over her father's business.

Rhea's mother's sister started filling her mother's mind up with a lot of prejudices. "Rhea's moved to Mumbai. She'll waste her money on parties and boys. Boys love to mess around innocent small-town girls. I think you should get her married."

One day her mother sent her a picture of this pale, sickly boy. "Your aunt has sent a proposal for you. Rajveer. He's from a very rich family. He's from Pune. He has parents and an elder brother who is married. You won't have much to worry."
Rhea didn't say anything.

Her aunt got her dressed and said, "He's a good match for you. Just say yes to the proposal. Don't spoil my reputation by saying no."
Rhea didn't say anything.

Rajveer asked her to cancel her MBA admission. He promised, he'll get her the same course's admission in Pune. She went to the dean and requested the same. The dean said, "Do you want me to talk to your husband? I don't want to lose a bright student."
She said, "I'll get the Masters, Sir. If not here, somewhere else. I'm really sorry. Please cancel my admission."

Rajveer took her on dates. Pampered her. Kissed her without her permission. Gave her expensive gifts. Took her to a secluded place and made out with her without her permission. She was naive. She thought this was love. Didn't Amit command her around too?

On the wedding day, her father and brother asked her to say 'No' if she wants to.
Rhea didn't say anything.

On the wedding day, Rajveer's brother started a fight. He insulted Rhea's father and brother. On the wedding night, Rhea politely asked Rajveer to not consummate the marriage. He reluctantly agreed but didn't talk to her or even see her for a week. One afternoon, he came home, took her to their room and raped her.

Rhea didn't say anything.


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Published: 10/5/2019
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