Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 23

Rhea prayed every day, "Let this be a dream."
Rhea prayed every day, "Let this be a dream." She worked 17 hours in the kitchen. She dreaded going into his room every night. Rhea pretended to be very happy whenever her parents called. She didn't step out of the house for 4 months and wasn't allowed.
Every day her father-in-law would bang at her door, "Wake up you slut! Go make breakfast for me!"

Rajveer would beat her up every day. She asked about doing her Masters, he laughed and pushed her against the wall. Her shoulder still hurts when it gets cold.
One day she laughed at a joke. He slapped her so hard, her eardrums rang for an hour. "The more you laugh, the more you cry", he said.

Rhea was ironing his clothes one day. He took the iron from her and placed it on her arm. And he smiled. The scar is still there.
She lost weight, hair, confidence. Her nails became black. She lost hope one day.

A year later, her parents came to see her. She got dressed properly for the first time since her wedding, used concealer to hide the scars, polished her nail to hide the black mess, put a big smile on her face and hugged her father.

They had dinner. Rajveer laughed, joked around and gave much attention and love to her parents.

She couldn't take it anymore. She went to her room, wiped the makeup and took out the folder containing her degree and certificates. She came out, her parents were shocked seeing the wound and scars. She announced to everyone, "I wish to end this quietly."

Her parents were horrified. They left with her. There were no words spoken.
Rhea went to the nearest police station and filed a statement that she was leaving on her own will and has taken nothing along with her.

The next day, she filed for divorce and left for Mumbai. Her father had an old apartment in Mumbai. Rhea cleaned everything and shifted there. Her mother was too shocked to say anything. She never imagined her decision would get them all here, in this mess.
She begged to Rhea for forgiveness. Rhea's aunt was shunned by the family. Rhea just said, "It's Ok" and asked everyone to leave her alone.

She attempted the MBA entrance again and went back to the college where she got admission last year. The Dean asked her to go through the admission process again, no exceptions. She was headstrong this time and passed the interview and group discussion easily. The course started in August. One month to go.

She got out of the building after the lengthy admission process and took a local train to home. She came home, she had no idea how. She bit into an apple, she was very hungry she realized.

She broke down and cried.
"There's a lot more left. Divorce proceedings. Orientation day. Life."


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Published: 10/7/2019
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