Willing To Trust Again - Chapter 24

No words at all. Everyone hugged each other and cried.
Rhea stayed at her hometown till college started. She tried to console her mother since things were difficult. Everyone needed time. She needed time.

Her brother helped her, motivated her. He took care of the legal procedures. They did not file any case against domestic violence, they should have. Rhea insisted she just wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible.

They filed for divorce with mutual consent. This was the first time consent was used in their relationship. Ah! The irony.

Her clothes came back in a big box one day. Some torn, some burnt. Her wedding dress was a mess. She threw everything away.

Did I mention Rhea was obsessed with Harry Potter since she was ten years old? Her books came safe and sound. She was so relieved. She smiled after a long time looking at her first edition Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. She reminded herself, things will eventually fall into place.

She helped her father in his business for the meantime. Every day she contemplated whether she should call Amit or not.

She would pick up her Phone every day, think for a while and put the Phone down.

One Week to go. Rhea was packing her bags. She remembered the time when she was packing for engineering. She picked up her phone and called Karishma and Kiran and Arjun in conference and told them everything. They immediately packed their bags and left for Rhea’s hometown.

Rhea’s hometown was a bit difficult to reach.
Kiran took to take the bus from Pune.
Karishma decided to drive from Mumbai to Rhea, which would take 6 hours. She called Rohan. He rushed to her house. They left immediately.
Arjun took a flight from Delhi to Mumbai then the bus, almost a day to reach.
Rhea was anxious. Waiting is the most difficult. She wasn’t allowed to call anyone back at her in-law’s. She hadn’t seen or talked to them for almost 3 years.
Everyone reached. Kiran first, then Karishma and Rohan. Arjun reached late in the night. Kiran and Arjun’s hearts fluttered looking at each other after so long.
No words at all. Everyone hugged each other and cried.


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Published: 10/10/2019
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