Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 4

Mixed feelings. Pic is of Rhea.
Rhea woke up the next day, early as usual. She had a text from Neha- 'Will wait near cafeteria for lunch. Do not ditch me. Get it?'

The rest of the day was the same. The three girls, and Amit sat together in the class and enjoyed all classes. Rhea was distracted during the lectures, thinking about Neha's double nature.
Soon it was lunchtime. Rhea was nervous to meet Neha, thinking about her chat last night. She asked Amit, Kiran and Karishma to join her with Neha. Amit suddenly froze. "Neha Mathur? She's your friend?" He asked. Rhea replied," Yes, you know her?" He said, "No. But I've heard my seniors talk about her at the hostel." He frowned as though Neha was some bad news.

Kiran said, "Rhea, we are your friends. I think we shouldn't hide anything from you. We have heard a lot of negative things about Neha-" Rhea interrupted saying, "Oh come on. She is a fresher like us. How would anybody know anything about her?" Kiran sighed and said, "Please, just don't get too close to her." Kiran and Karishma decided not to have lunch with Neha and promised to meet Rhea in the class.

Amit didn't want to leave her alone so decided to accompany Rhea. They met Neha near the cafe. Rhea and Neha greeted each other. Rhea introduced Neha to Amit. Neha flirtatiously smiled and greeted him.

They sat right at the center of the cafe where Neha directed them. Neha and Amit kept talking all the time. Neha ignored Rhea, who was quietly having her lunch. Neha suddenly commented, "God!! Stop eating Rhea. You are so fat."

Rhea was startled. Neha looked at Amit and started laughing. Amit too smiled and gravely looked at Rhea, waiting for her to say something to Neha. But Rhea didn't say a word. She just smiled thinking it was joke. Soon lunchtime was over. Neha said "Bye Rhea baby", and walked away. Rhea, forgetting everything that happened, sweetly smiled at Neha and said 'Bye'.

Amit glared at her, "Did you see the way she was flirting with me? Who does she think she is? And how dare she talk to you like that? Why didn't you say anything?" Rhea replied, "She was joking. And yes, I saw you flirting too." Rhea walked to her class. Amit smirked and followed her. "You jealous?" He asked. She said, "No. Of course you'll like her. She's prettier than me." Amit laughed. Rhea frowned and kept walking. "Nobody is as pretty as Rhea Sharma," he shouted from behind her. Rhea's eyes widened. She blushed and walked faster, lowering her head and hiding her face with her hair. All the seniors in the corridor wolf-cried, and girls awwed.

Rhea sighed when she reached her class. She ignored Amit all through the lecture. Soon the classes ended. The day ended as usual. Rhea missed home and talked to her mother for a long time on the phone.
Rhea's phone buzzed-
Neha: Amit is cute. I like him. Of course he likes me too, right?
Rhea: I don't know.
Neha: I know. He does.
Rhea felt the pang of jealousy. She didn't reply. Her phone buzzed again-
Neha: Gudnite Rhea baby...
She sighed and kept the phone aside.
She decided to divert her thoughts by studying. Soon it was midnight. She checked her phone. There was a message from Amit-
Gudnite Angel... M sorry for today.
Rhea kept the phone aside and fell asleep.


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She is good. A bit proud, but it's ok.
She is bad. Rhea is a fool to be friends with her.
Published: 6/5/2013
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