Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 7

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Rhea couldn't take it anymore. She quietly got up and left. She felt numb and walked like a zombie to her hostel. Dazed, lost and confused. She had no idea whom to trust.

She didn't attend the rest of the classes. Karishma came to see her. Rhea didn't pay attention and just kept staring at nothing. All she heard was mumbles. She didn't eat nor did she sleep. She didn't attend college the next day. A whole week passed by in a daze. She hardly ate or slept.

She tried to sound happy when her parents called on her phone. All the other calls went ignored.
Kiran and Karishma were worried for her. Amit explained to them that he never met Neha, instead he was at the bank at that time. But Rhea was so lost, they had no idea how to tell it to her.

After a few days, Kiran lost her patience. She entered Rhea's room with a bucket full of water and poured it over her! Rhea came out of her trance and looked at Kiran, incredulously.

Kiran shouted, "Don't you dare look at me like that! Are Amit and Neha the only ones you care about? Are we nothing for you? And your parents? It's been two weeks you idiot! What about your aim, your career? Huh? Will you study or not?"
Rhea burst out crying. Kiran sighed with relief. Karishma hugged her.
"I'm sorry. I was so hurt," Rhea said through her tears. Karishma wiped her tears and said, "We are always there for you Rhea. No matter what."

After consoling her and making sure she was fine, Karishma and Kiran left.
Rhea got up and looked into the mirror for the first time in days. She gasped. The usual rosy glow on her face was gone. Sunken eyes and skimpy hair was all she saw. She took a long refreshing bath, shampooed her hair and ate like she was hungry for years.

She checked her phone, 120 missed calls and 98 messages. She deleted everything without even glancing.

Rhea decided to concentrate on her studies from then on. She attended her classes regularly from the next day, studied hard and achieved good results in exams. She was more dedicated to studies now and hardly talked to anyone, except Karishma and Kiran. She rarely smiled. Every now and then she came face to face with Amit. She wouldn't look into his eyes, scared she would fall weak again. She still loved him, longed for him to take her in his arms.

Soon exams started. She studied hard and got really good marks. She was bewildered as to how things had changed. She was scared of what was in store for her next...


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Incident narrated by Kiran. Amit's POV in the next chapter.
Do you think Rhea reacted to the situation correctly?
No. She should have clarified with Amit.
Published: 6/10/2013
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